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masterSwitch around README for cgit.Celeste8 months
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2021-12-27Switch around README for cgit.HEADmasterCeleste
2021-12-26Decorate index page.Celeste
2021-12-26Remove debug print statements.Celeste
2021-12-26Implement dynamic content via CGI and fix media type detection errors with se...Celeste
2021-12-24Implement per-stream threadingCeleste
2021-12-22Add autoswitch for time field to disable on non-Unix systems to prevent poten...Celeste
2021-12-22Add date field but only on Unix hosts. Sorry friens who use Windows!Celeste
2021-12-22Whoops, how'd that get in there :)Celeste
2021-12-22Add media type detection and server fields.Celeste
2021-10-16Bind on everythingCeleste