brebbakerA Mastodon bot that crossposts from Reddit. threeoh60005 months
Computer stuff
dotfilesLinux config files. Not really useful to anyone else. threeoh6000
Easy Web File Maker
ewfmA static site generator. threeoh60005 months
xbseXtensible Build System for ewfm. threeoh60005 months
ewfm-procsProcessors for ewfm. threeoh60005 months
ewfm-themesThemes for ewfm. threeoh60005 months
foodieField of Operational Development Integral Emulator.threeoh600037 hours
celc8An emulator for the Chip-8 written in Rust. threeoh60003 months
melonds-bueniaPKGBUILD for fork of melonDS emulator threeoh60003 months
wdrceWDR paper computer emulator. threeoh60003 months
LINT Is Not Tal
lintcA compiler for the LINT programming language. threeoh60003 months
macrosMacros for the LINT compiler. threeoh60003 months
packeteerAn attempt at a Rust library that can be used to assist in programmatically anal...threeoh60005 weeks
pgsA library for structuring save files from the Birdiesoft classic game Pokémon S...threeoh60006 weeks
boxerAutomatically generated boxes threeoh60007 weeks
clippetA teeny way to store and get data easily. threeoh60007 weeks
Misc. Utilities
goodolreadmeConverts my fun plain-text README files to Markdown and HTML files automatically...threeoh60006 weeks
pgsedA save editor for Pokemon Simulator demonstrating the pgs library threeoh60006 weeks
rgiRemote git init tool. threeoh60005 months
fasttrackCreate new repositories on GitLab instances. threeoh60005 months
supperGenerate wpa_supplicant.conf files with a GUI. threeoh60005 months
Not A Complex Script Loader
caffeineOptimisation mod for TPT/NACSL threeoh60006 weeks
viruslabsAn experimental elemental technology mod for The Powder Toy. threeoh60007 weeks
nacslA script loader for The Powder Toy. threeoh60007 weeks
Server applications
singerA basic, easy-to-use finger server. threeoh60006 weeks
starfigA gemini server in Rust using packeteer and native-tls threeoh60006 weeks
herbA semi-advanced web server written in Rust. threeoh60005 months
mindcapNote taking experiment. threeoh60006 weeks
thousandsMath game. threeoh60006 weeks
calculatorwordsA program to automatically find words that can be spelt on a hexadecimal calcula...threeoh60003 months
cubeWeird Nintendo DS music thing. threeoh60003 months
pngxorPNG inverter. threeoh60004 months
bit-waltzA weird tone generator. threeoh60004 months